Why Platform for
Social Entrepreneurs?

Kazunari Taguchi
Vice President
Masayoshi Suzuki

Turn your idea
into a business

How do we solve the many social problems of the world?
Our answer is; the creation of a ‘‘Social Entrepreneur Platform’’.
However, to turn a new idea into a business, it requires a significant amount of funding. Therefore, we offer loans and platform to project leaders, who are looking to start new social businesses. Our company supports the project with funding, leaving project leaders free to concentrate on any matters, and put their society changing ideas into action.

Social Business is the answer

When it comes to solving many social problems of the world, whether it poverty, issues with labor or racial discrimination, in general charities, NGOs and volunteer organizations are the first port of call. However, these kinds of organizations all face great challenges in obtaining funding and maintaining their operations and it can often take a longer time for them to truly resolve the issues they aim to tackle. Faced with these circumstances, we came up with a new answer. That answer was to solve social problems through business.
Through the economic activities of business, we are able to solve social issues in a sustainable and prompt fashion. That is what social business mean.

Succeeding as a social entrepreneur
- a harsh reality

In order to make a social business succeed, it is necessary to create a distinct concept and a deep thought out business model. Moreover, once you have begun your business, giving up on it, is easier said than done. Starting a project, carrying out marketing and management, whilst also trying to solve a social problem at the same time is an incredibly difficult to beat. For a social entrepreneur to start a social business from sketch and lead it onto success is a truly challenging task.

Becoming a platform
for social entrepreneurs

If making a social business successful as a social entrepreneur is so difficult, why not make it easier? With this way of thinking behind us Borderless decided to form a platform for social entrepreneurs, providing personnel, funding and know-how for their projects. By starting a social business through BLJ Bangladesh, our entrepreneurs are able to obtain a loan, all the business know-how we have accumulated up until now, and access to our team of exceptional individuals, all united under the banner of wanting to make a positive change to society. The support this assistance provides them increases the chances of their project succeeding exponentially.

More social entrepreneurs,
more problems solved

The more social entrepreneurs there are the more social businesses that come into fruition and thus the more social problems we can solve. In this way we intend to train over 1,000 social entrepreneurs, and in doing so solve a swathe of social problems. There is no limit on the types of business our entrepreneurs can get involved in. Social entrepreneurs with a strong passion and sense of duty, go on to become the project leaders of our businesses. This is the continuous, dynamic approach that we envisage as a means for changing society.

Project leaders as company presidents
- putting their image of society into reality

Project leaders act as the presidents of their own companies, holding the right to approve projects and acting as an independent corporation. The project leader is responsible for everything, from the hours their employees work, to who they hire and what strategies they put in place for the business. In this way our social entrepreneurs go on to further develop their skills and are able to pursue the ideal world and society that they envisage at a rapid pace.

Why not change the world with us?
We are waiting for your ideas.

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Board Members
Kazunari Taguchi
Taguchi was born in 1980 in Fukuoka, Japan. After he studied at the University of Washington, he graduated from the Waseda University and joined Misumi Group Inc. In 2006 he established the former limited company Borderless Japan. On March 2007, he became CEO of the current Borderless Japan Corporation.
Executive Vice President
Masayoshi Suzuki
Masayoshi Suzuki was born in 1979 in Yamaguchi, Japan. He acquired MBA from Yokohama National University. At the same year, he joined Misumi Group Inc. In 2007 he joined the former limited company Borderless Japan and currently is Vice President of Borderless Japan Corporation.
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