By hard work and merit want to contribute to change the fate of helpless people of my country.


I’m Md. Nurul Abedin, 28, male, unmarried from Chandpur, Bangladesh. I have completed mybachelor degree in social studies. I am the youngest among four brothers and two sisters.My life was going fine until 2012 when all on a sudden my mother died. It was like I lost everything and lost hope to live. It was a double blow when my father had to sell his business in order to bear the expenses of sending my elder brother abroad. So, I was really desperate to do something as sitting idle like a nightmare to me. I joined a trading company as a sales executive and after three years of service I realized it was not the job I was looking for.

Therefore, one fine day I heard about BLJ from one of my acquaintance who works in BLJ. I got to know that BLJ is working for vulnerable group of the society. The motto of BLJ inspired me to join and do something for the society. I got the motivation from BLJ to do something for the poor people of the society. Through dedication and sincerity I will uphold the motto of my company.