Leather Factory to Create
Employment for the Poor in Bangladesh

BLJ Bangradesh Corporation
Faruk Hossain

BLJ Bangradesh Corporation

What is BLJ Bangradesh Corporation?

  • Creating jobs for vulnerable Bangladeshi unemployed people.
  • Number of employees has reached 300 persons.
  • Due to the success of BLJ, other Borderless Japan projects “BLF, JOGGO, BORDERLESS FACTORY and CORVA” were established.
  • Cumulative production number reached above 200,000 pieces.



The establishment of the leather factory in Bangladesh was decided


The current representative of Bangladesh BLJ, “Faruk Hossain” went through training at one of the best Japanese leather makers for 3 months


The Ideal Society the leader aims to create

The establishment of BLJ Bangladesh Corporation., Ltd


OEM production started. First lot, 3000 pieces of Roll Pen Case was shipped in 2014


started shipping to "JOGGO ~Custom for Gift~"


started shipping to "Business Leather Factory"


Estimated Produced pieces: more than 10,000 pieces



Relocation of the Bangladesh factory for the sake of expanding the business


started shipping to "Borderless Factory"


Produced pieces: more than 50,000 pieces


Employees Number: more than 100 persons

Employees Number: more than 100 persons


Produced pieces number: more than 100,000 pieces


Leather bag production line started


Employees Number: more than 200 persons


Employees Number: more than 300 persons

Employees Number: more than 300 persons


Produced pieces number: more than 200,000 pieces


Establishment of an apparel factory. Production started for 『CORVA』



To Make the Bangladesh Factory the Leading Factory of the World!

To Transfer Vulnerable Bangladeshis into Distinguished Society Members

We employ the vulnerable people who are working away from home, single mothers, and others in a difficult situation in the society as the staff of the leather factory in Bangladesh. Knowing that most of them have no past experience related to leather production which makes it quite difficult for them to find a job in other factories. Even if they get to find a job, their salary will be probably lower than the minimum average. At our factory we train them from the zero base. It indeed costs a lot of money, efforts and time. However, the result is that they become professional workers who make products with high quality.

Our staff has become “professional craftsmen” who are able to produce items with high level of technics. They make production with high quality and reasonable prices. Hereafter, we are studying the possibility to establish residential facilities for workers who come from far villages as well as kindergartens for their children. Not only making job opportunities, but also we aim towards making a great and honorable working environment which would be a worldwide role model where everyone would want to work for indeed.

We Aim to Make Bangladesh Factory the Leading Factory in the World!

Where Did the Idea Come From?

The Work Place with Honor and Pride

Bangladesh is 4 times narrower than Japan and holds the population of 160 million, which is regarded as the poorest country in Asia. Work conditions are very bad, and labour wages are often unreasonably low despite the long working hours. Furthermore, we often witness the cases where workers do not get paid their salaries or the accidents caused by the bad condition of aging buildings. Farouk Hussain, the representative of Bangladesh had the intention to solve the poverty problem in Bangladesh, and joined Borderless Japan Corporation. After examining many business plans, Faruk finally decided to establish this factory in order to create employment for the vulnerable and create the environment where people can work with joy and pride.

Where Did the Idea Come From?

Mixing Technics from Japan and Bangladesh

The Leather Material is Exclusively from Bangladesh

Muslims are the biggest majority in Bangladesh population. There is a traditional Islamic festival that is held once a year called Eid Al-adha. Some people call it beef sacrifice festival where Muslims around the country distribute beef to neighbors, relatives, friends as well as poor people who cannot afford the daily meals, resulting in a large amount of raw leather left behind as garbage. By using the technics of developed countries, Bangladesh has developed leather tanning procedure and became one of the biggest leather exporting countries around the world. However, although Bangladesh is professionalized in producing raw leather, it is poor at making leather products such as bags and wallets out of raw material.

And there, BLJ Bangladesh started a new challenge of blending the raw leather tanning technic in Bangladesh with the leather item producing technics in Japan. It made it possible to produce the final products with high quality, and reasonable prices for our customers.

Merging Technics of Japan and Bangladesh

The Ideal Society the Leader Aims to Create

To Create the World Where Your Dream Can Come True

For those who suffer from poverty, to survive the day is all they can think of on a daily basis. Therefore, though we ask them about the “dream” of each one of the fresh men when they enter the factory it wasn’t easily answered. BLJ Bangladesh hopes to create a platform where the employees do not only get stable salaries but also can draw their own dreams, and even work hard to achieve them. The platform will support the passionate fellows who want to solve Bangladesh social problems by their own hands. We believe that the situation of Bangladesh will even change greater when these social entrepreneurs begin to make efforts towards its success.

The Ideal Society the Leader Aims to Create