Sustainable modes of income strongly influence the sustainable development. Instead of charity, the organization ‘Boderless Japan’ enterprises ‘Social Business’ to initiate the real change towards the ever cherished sustainable development by changing lives through generating versatile employment opportunity, including self-employment across the country. I deeply feel proud for being a catalyst of this organization in the voyage towards the glory. I always dreamed for a happy family, as well as the society, surrounded by lots of joyful elements where persons could able to swiftly pursue their own dignity as well as social recognition with wide opportunities to flourish themselves. I joined BLJ family at the beginning of the year 2016 and I am fully committed to give my maximum effort to fulfill the objective of BLJ and mine.


I am Md. Yasinur Rahman, from south-western coastal region of Bangladesh. I am from an expanded family and the youngest son of my parents. My father died when I was only 13 and my mother is a housewife. I completed my MSS in Social welfare from University of Dhaka. To build up a challenging career, I joined BLJ family at the beginning of the year 2016. Human being have taken birth on the earth not only for remaining busy with own interests. I believe this fact from the core of my heart. The real happiness can be found by devoting ourselves for the sake of others. Human can find the real meaning of life by giving priority to the major and minor feeling of others and making them happy. There by having the experience to live in a developing country I want to do something for the widow especially for who have under age children. I want to introduce and continue a welfare program for them. So that they can wave their own dream for the future and they can give a practical form to their dreams. I believe that the social business project of BLJ Corporation Ltd. help me in these aspects .These social welfare concept provide me the strength to motivate myself .Because if I can prepare myself properly only then I will be able to contribute in this field.